A STORY ABOUT QUALITY (No. 1 thing when choosing a language school or a language teacher)

Let me tell you a story.

It is a story about the difference between quality and price

It's about cheap versus expensive.

It's about cheap and bad quality versus expensive and better quality.

There is Jan in our story and there is Michał.

Two months ago Michał bought two shirts from Zara

They were very inexpensive, that's why he bought them.

He bought them because they were cheap.

He bought two cheap shirts for 130 zł each (a total of 260 PLN).

Jan, on the other hand, bought a La Costa blouse, which cost him 400 złoty, and an expensive shirt from Hugo Boss.

Jan is not rich, he is certainly no richer than Michał, but Jan cares about quality first, not about the price first. He thinks long-term.

The result?

Well, right now Michał is looking for new shirts because his shirts from Zara have faded and shrunk. He does not wear them anymore, he needs new shirts. So not only is he going to spend the money again, but he has to go to the shops again.

Jan does not have to go to the shops, he is still wearing and enjoying his La Costa blouse and he is still wearing and still enjoying the Hugo Boss shirt, because they were good quality; they were not cheap but they were good quality.

Jan was prepared to invest and Michał was only interested in how cheap things were !!

Most students do the same (as Michał) with most language schools, you do the same when you are choosing a teacher. Your want cheap first, you care less about the teaching methods, est. Of course, you do overall, but in practice the most important thing is CHEAP !!!!!!!!

Most schools know it and they react to it, they start caring about how low their prices are first of all.

In the long-term it is not very wise and in the long-term it is ..... NOT CHEAP AT ALL !!!

You will not learn a lot and you will have to go to another school.



Just as you have to be prepared to work extra hard if you want exceptional results !!

Ask first about:

  • their teaching methods;

  • the teachers and their styles and approaches;

  • about the classroom facilities.

  • their track record and experience.

Ask about their:

  • customer loyalty, how many students have they actually managed to teach something?

  • do they have measurable results?

  • how many students choose to go on to a new course at the school, how many are happy and ready to continue at the same school?

  • if they prepare students for a particular kind of exam, ask what the passing (success) rate is !!

Look for exceptional teachers, not for a low price. Do not be afraid to ask lots of technical questions !! If they are good, they will be more than happy to answer !!

Maciej Symoowicz

sworn translation of English and a teacher of business and legal English

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