to haggle = to bargain with someone

to bargain with somebody over something = to haggle with somebody over something. This verb means to try to convince someone to accept your demands or to give you more than they are willing to.

For example:

  • This is an excellent price, but it' still too high, let's haggle a bit more.

  • We bargained with them for 7 hours about this point.

  • Richard Branson, the famous British businessman often says: "Haggle, everything is negotiable."

  • At every market in Egypt, people haggle over every item possible. It's part of their culture.

bargaining power - this is simply power somebody has which can be used in bargaining, haggling: the more you have it the stronger your negotiating position is, the more you can achieve in, for instance, a negotiation for yourself.

For example:

  • We will have to use all our bargaining power to make them agree on this issue.

bargaining chip – it is something you can use during bargaining, during negotiating something; that you can give to the other side because you are prepared to lose it. In exchange you will get something you want and care about. A bargaining chip is something that helps you with bargaining, with haggling. something valuable for the other side that you are willing to give up, to give them.

For instance:

  • Let's use it as a bargaining chip. We can offer them this product as an extra, it has cost us very little work but they might find it very useful. In return, they should order our main product in larger quantities.

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