noun [U] /ˈsævi/ informal

practical knowledge and ability

zmysł/ umiejętność poruszania się w jakiejś dziedzinie/ znajomość czegoś i wprawa/ spryt/ obeznanie

  • business/political savvy

  • He has got a lot of publishing savvy (he knows a lot about the publishing industry and has skills in that area)

  • I possess no marketing savvy, I need some professional advice.

  • Warren Buffet has not only investing savvy but also a tremendous work ethic.

  • You do not just suddenly wake up one day and have savvy in a given area, you need to work on it, read all the books on the subject, go out into the world and try out things, learn from your mistakes and find mentors, ask professionals lots of questions. That’s how you develop savvy.

savvy adjective informal

having knowledge and ability, able to make good judgements

świadomy/obeznany/ sprytny

  • a savvy consumer

  • Bob is a savvy veteran who knows all the tricks.

  • he is computer savvy


Some of the sentences above are taken from:

Cambridge Dictionaries online (http://dictionary.cambridge.org/ )

Oxford Dictionaries ( http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/ )

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