My mission and values

My Mission

  • to develop long-term relationship with the client

  • to overdeliver (give more than expected, extra materials, longer unpaid class time, to show that you care about more than just getting paid)

  • guide and coach, not only provide pure knowledge (how to learn is ultimately just as important as providing knowledge)

  • encourage students to be independent and to do self-study work

  • motivate them on a regular basis and inspire them

  • teach how to be an effective learner

  • instill enthusiasm and passion for language

  • I mistrust and therefore modify traditional methods

My values

  • I am always on time

  • I stay with the student for as long as they need me (beyond fixed class times)

  • I let them know that I think about their progress outside the classroom (text messages, reminders about homework, recommending what to listen to or read)

  • I make lessons entertaining (how you present knowledge: pictures/stories/flashcards, games, films and audio materials, real life business or legal case studies)

  • I provide extra materials from numerous sources

  • to learn to speak fluently you need to listen first

  • to learn to write fluently you need to become an avid reader first

  • repetition is king

  • I strive to make repetition fun

  • I personalize learning for the student (e.g. find case studies relevant to their professional fields or interests)

  • I personalize (if I am teaching a verb, I ask students if they do it; when I am teaching a noun, I ask students if they like it, then I ask follow-up questions)

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