Al Ries and Jack Trout

"Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind"

An excellent resource for everyone interested in marketing from owners of small businesses to directors of marketing or advertising agencies. A great read. Very entertaining. It is not only about marketing, but also about life and human nature. Everyone will enjoy it, not just people in the marketing industry. Full of great examples and catchy metaphors.

Language level: intermediate to upper intermediate

Entertainment value: 100%

Recommended: everyone learning English.

Al Ries and Jack trout.

"The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing. Violate Them at Your Own Risk"

Every person interested in human nature and human relationships will find it useful and entertaining.

A great advantage of this book is that it is not only wise, insightful and entertaining but also very concise. You can read it in one sitting. Literally. But it is packed full of knowledge. You will probably come back to it to read it again. I know I will. Actually, I have already done it twice.

Language level: intermediate

Entertainment value: 100%

Recommended: everyone learning English, especially those with limited time but a need for expertise.

Richard Branson

"Losing my virginity. The autobiography"

If you are interested in how a brilliant business mind works, read this one. It offers numerous insights into Branson's mind, his drive, motivations, risk-taking capacity, and a lot more. It also describes in vivid detail his powerboat and ballooning antics (you can skip these if you like because they are usually in separate chapters); and of course, his love and family life. You will pick up a lot about how to do business from this book as well. It describes Branson's business ventures in detail and shines some light on the backstage aspects of his entrepreneurial activities. At the same time it avoids going into unnecessary minutiae.

Branson in one sentence: risk-taker, adrenaline-lover, leader, visionary, alpha male, entertainer.

Pick it up and learn.

Language level: upper-intermediate

Entertainment value: 90%

Recommended: everyone learning English.

Jack Welsh with Suzy Welch


It is a very interesting book. If you are eager to find a new, better job; if you are a CEO or an executive facing a big company crisis, if you are a student looking for career guidance, this book is definitely for you. It has some honest, insightful, albeit often brutal advice for everyone with a variety of job-related problems or challenges. Sometimes it is a bit general or obvious, but this is a minor quibble. Overall, it is very practical. I really enjoyed it. Worth reading a few times. In terms of the language of the book, it is excellent for everyone learning business English but also general English. The style is colourful yet understandable for most learners. It has plenty of informal business expressions or sayings that are enjoyable to read but also easy to pick up. Very entertaining language-wise.

Language level: intermediate to upper-intermediate

Entertainment value: 90%

Recommended: everyone learning business English.

Tim Ferriss

"The 4-hour workweek

Escape 9-17, live anywhere, and join the new rich"

Not only a book to read for fun. It is a textbook on life management and life strategizing. It's about being effective in every aspect of your life, it is about being smart first, and hard-working later. It demolishes a host of cultural and business myths and stereotypes. Want to find out about yourself, about why you are where you are and how to get where you want to be? (or even how to know what to want in life), go and grab this book.

One word of caution: the tips included in the book are excellent and very smart but they should be taken with a pinch of salt. They often fall short when confronted with reality. The title is pure marketing. If you take Tim's advice and really use it, it is going to benefit you hugely. Just don't expect to work only 4 hours a week. You will probably have to work 60 or 70 hours per week, at least at the beginning of your endeavours. Also, Tim is very, very smart and he has got oodles of experience and know-how. Don't measure yourself against him. What takes him a day will probably take most people an entire week or so. Nevertheless, his ideas are brilliant and 200% worth reading (well, most of them are not his ideas, he has just elaborated them and tweaked them: e.g. the Pareto rule)

If you are thinking about changing jobs, finding a new career path or going solo, this one is beyond doubt for you. For everyone just interested in being more efficient and effective (check Tim's definition in the book to find out the key difference between the two concepts), managing their live, families or workforce better, well....., just buy it and read it. You will thank me later.

Language level: intermediate or upper-intermediate

Entertainment value: 90%


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