Hello everyone ! I have a gift for you. The first lesson of my audio course. The lesson is entitled Donoghue v Stevenson, but it's colloquially known as the Snail Case. Below you can read more about the course as well as the first gift lesson. Check it out and enjoy. Hope it proves helpful.

Maciej Symonowicz

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The audio course is meant to teach you legal and business English. It covers the fundamentals primarily, but also goes beyond that. It is particularly aimed at legal practitioners, such as lawyers, judges, legal trainees and law students, who are not English native speakers.

It has all the important information in one place regarding particular areas. Unlike most textbooks (some of them are very good, but still have some important shortcomings), it aims to compile all the basic, must-know, must-have knowledge in one place. The reason why it is in the form of stories is because a) this makes the content more memorable, and b) it is a lot more entertaining. Most textbooks have texts in the form of lectures. These lectures are all over the place, disorganized and usually boring. You pick up very little, and if you do pick up some stuff, you end up forgetting it two or three days later. You now have to go back to it, which is of course something most of us cannot afford to do, it's too time-consuming.

Too much trouble!! With my course, you just need to play it again on your device.

Wherever you are.

Stories are different. But do not take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

Try it out for a week or two and see how it feels. Have it on your mp3 player. Carry it around with you and listen to it every day once or twice. You will be amazed at the results.

The reason why it is in audio is that my experience as a teacher and translator/interpreter strongly suggests that people do not learn how to pronounce stuff, they mispronounce even the simplest phrases and terms, which is not something you like as a learner. Another reason is that you can learn also with your ears wherever you happen to be!!

The stories include:

  • court process/litigation (Donoghue v Stevenson)

  • company law, e.g. different legal vehicles, such as all types of partnerships, companies, and sole traders (a day in the life of a partner in a partnership, a director of a company, and self-employed person), mergers & acquisitions, company meetings;

  • intellectual property law;

  • employment law (stories include for instance a legal dispute centered around the dismissal of an employee, party negotiations and court hearing);

  • contract law (traditional three components:)

  • contract formation and contents

  • breaches of contract

  • end of contract/termination and remedies

Each module has the following standalone components in both audio and transcript versions:

  1. main text/audio (short story/lecture/conversation, etc.),

  2. selected vocabulary,

  3. example sentences, and

  4. audio exercises.

You can listen to it anywhere you like. On your computer or another mobile device. It is great for when you are travelling to work, on a trip somewhere, or have spare 30 minutes or an hour. If you find something too difficult, you can help yourself by reading the transcript first. An excellent way is to listen and read at the same time. But try listening more times than you read. That way you learn deeply.

Accompanying this course is also a set of legal English flashcards with pictures.

Check out the following sample photos down below:

Hope you like it and find it useful. If you happen to be interested in the entire course, contact me to get your textbook and audio.

Maciej Symonowicz

Creator of Legal English through Stories

Sworn translator and teacher